“Mayor Nagin’s presentation to the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges and the Business Bankruptcy Committee of the American Bar Association regarding New Orleans’ financial disaster that followed Hurricane Katrina was excellent. His insight into how New Orleans avoided financial collapse was inspiring and insightful– and timely given the predicament of so many local and state governments.”

David Waguespack
National Conf. of Bankruptcy Judges

The event was a big success thanks to Mayor Nagin, I was very much honored to meet such a great and courageous man. This was the largest crowd we have ever had for this event and it was due to Mayor Nagin being the keynote speaker.

Mayor Nagin exceeded all of my expectations for this event. His speech was awesome, he was approachable and took the time to take photos with anyone that asked. I could not have had a better keynote speaker for this event.

Floyd Johnson
National Assoc. of Black Public Administrators

Great read. Not Just for the resilient people of New Orleans but for all who wants a truthful insight on an US disaster… Most of all a clear example of one doing work as if our Creator hired him… 5 stars

Chevelle Edwards
Book Purchaser


“We were very pleased to have Mayor Nagin speak at the Carter Presidential Library. He drew a large audience and many of those who came said it was one of the best talks they’ve attended. In fact, some who came with poor impressions of Nagin left saying he changed their mind. “
 Tony Clark
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

The reader can’t help crying and laughing out loud because the narrative is so human, riveting and authentic. Only Mayor Nagin can bring us these hidden historical perspectives of Katrina. Still there are so many more secrets be told in the next volume.

Dr. Brenda Hatfield
former CAO City of New Orleans

Almost done with book..Best thing since Eric Jerome Dickey’s “Genevieve” and Phyllis Montana Leblanc’s “Not Just the Levees Broke”! Highly recommended!!

Shelita Prograsis
Kindle Reader


“Mayor Nagin’s presentation was excellent! Hearing his first-hand account of what happened to the city of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina and learning how the city is being rebuilt starting with the people of New Orleans was informative and also inspiring.  It was a great leadership presentation that can be applied to any crisis situation.”

Wendy Brawley 
Publisher and CEO, IMARA Woman Magazine


“The Honorable Ray Nagin’s presentation March 30, 2012 was inspiring and heartfelt.  He immediately captivated the audience in his opening statement.  He then took us on a journey from before the storm, during, and after the devastation.  As I listened and viewed the pictures, I could only imagine what took place there.  Hearing from the person directly involved was unbelievable and overwhelming.  I applaud him for admitting some mistakes were made in the beginning, but he steadfastly remained in support of his city.  I hope Mayor Nagin will continue to share his story and vision, so others can truly understand just how devastating Katrina was.  Today, the Honorable Ray Nagin can witness the re-birth of the city after the storm.  HATS OFF to him for a great presentation!”

Teresa H. Williams
Hampton County Auditor